Single Bronze Markers (designs are customizable):
Price: Single marker with no vase $2,500.00. Single marker with vase $2,800.00.
Sizes of Single Bronze Markers:
24"- wide 4"- high 12"- deep (Bronze without Granite) 28"- wide 4"- high 16"- deep (with Granite)
Companion Bronze Markers (designs are customizable):
Price: Companion marker with no vase $3,300.00. Companion marker with vase $3,680.00.
Sizes of Companion Bronze Markers:
36"- wide 4"- high 13"- deep (Bronze without Granite)) 40"- wide 4"- high 17"- deep (with Granite)
Vase Options
Select Granite Type
Monument Customization
Click on the memorial area that you want to customize

Subject to any repositioning impediments determined by our art department, your desired artwork may be repositioned to appear in a different location on the marker at your request.

*Please Note: If you select a Porcelain Photo Plate, Katzman will contact you about options and pricing.

Monument Customization

Art, text positioning and size are not to scale. If your text appears to overlap, our art department will make necessary adjustments to make your memorial visually balanced, which will be reflected in the final proof that you receive.

Enter text as you would like it to appear on the monument

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Endearment or Epitaph
First & Middle Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Date of Death

The price listed includes name, dates of birth and death, maximum of 3 emblems and up to an additional 6 words. Any additional word thereafter is $30.00 per word. Please note that these prices do not include tax, shipping and installation. See Katzman's FAQ page.

Please contact Katzman at or 1-866-862-4660 to purchase your desired bronze marker or to seek further assistance.

Bronze Marker

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