Are there any cemetery rules & regulations I need to know?

Please be aware that many cemeteries have rules and regulations regarding the type of monument or marker that is acceptable for installation.  Accordingly, before purchasing your monument or marker from Katzman, you must contact the cemetery where the monument or marker will be installed to inquire about their rules and regulations to insure that the monument or marker that you purchase will be acceptable.  Katzman recommends that you ask your cemetery the following questions and obtain a written copy of their regulations:

  • Size: Is there a minimum and/or maximum restriction on the dimensions of the headstone;
  • Type: What types of headstones are allowed - upright monuments, flat markers, beveled markers, slants, double interment or companion stones;
  • Vases and Pictures: Is it permissible to have ornamental vases or pictures adhered to the monument or marker;
  • Stone Color: Are there certain colors of granite or other stone that are not acceptable;
  • Delivery, Installation & Foundation: What are the delivery, installation and foundation procedures of the memorial? Does the cemetery have pre-poured foundations? Does the cemetery charge for installation, foundation or permits?

The purpose of this instruction is to ensure that your order conforms with your cemetery's rules and regulations.  Nevertheless, it is your sole responsibility to confirm that your desired monument or marker fits within your cemetery's guidelines.  In no event shall Katzman be responsible for confirming that your monument or marker conforms with your cemetery's rules and regulations nor shall Katzman be liable if your monument or marker fails to conform to your cemetery's rules and regulations.

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