Hmong Memorials

Katzman is familiar with the Hmong culture.  As such, Katzman offers a wide selection of symbols and granites unique to the traditions of the Hmong people.  In terms of material symbols, the reed pipe or qeej is a quintessential Hmong symbol commonly displayed on a decedent's monument. The qeej is an important symbol in Hmong culture because this instrument is used during funeral services. Katzman offers images of the qeej, among other images important to Hmong culture, for your desired memorial and can be found in Katzman's on-line design center, gallery of memorials or through a custom order. Katzman also recognizes that images of your loved ones on the face of the monument are a wonderful way to memorialize the decedent. Therefore, Katzman offers you the ability to log-in as a Katzman customer and upload a digital photograph of your loved one or email us the digital photograph at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a custom order so that the image can be laser-etched onto the monument or physically adhered to the monument.

Hmoob Li Kev Nco Txog- Nyob rau tej khoom tseem ceeb cim tseg, qeej yog Hmoob ib yam cim tshwj xeeb uas muab tso rau ntawm tus tuag daim pob zeb. Tsab qeej yog ib yam tseem ceeb nyob hauv Hmoob kev lig kev cai vim siv nws rau Hmoob cov ntees. Katzman muaj duab qeej thiab lwm yam duab uas tseem ceeb rau Hmoob kev lig kev cai, uas yog ua ib qho kev cim nco txog. Katzman kuj pom tias kev tso duab tus neeg uas yus hlub rau ntawm daim pob zeb yog ib qho kev zoo heev uas nco txog nws. Vim li ntawd,Katzman thiaj li ua kev yooj yim pab kom nej xa (upload) ib daim duab yees digital tus nej hlub hauv computer mus, kom muaj peev xwm muab kho (crop) tau, mas thiaj li xuas laser kos tau tus duab pom zoo rau ntawm daim pob zeb. Kev xa duab hauv computer mus, nej nyem kab lus nram no This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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