Why Choose Us?

Why chose Katzman Monument:

As a family company dating back to 1935, the reputation and good name of Katzman is of the utmost importance to our family. Likewise, Katzman recognizes that preserving the name and memory of your loved one is equally important. Accordingly, Katzman has a long and rich history of providing top quality memorial products to our customers by using only the finest granite and other stone products from the United States and abroad.

Even in today's computer culture, the majority of monument dealers operate their businesses out of physical storefronts and are burdened with costs related to their stores, such as mortgage payments, rent and taxes. Unfortunately, in order to turn a profit, some of these costs are passed down to you in the price of your memorial. Unlike this fiscally insensitive price structure, Katzman operates virtually and is not harnessed by costs associated with a physical storefront. Thus, such costs are not passed down to you. Rather, Katzman offers superior memorial products at more reasonable prices.

Currently, the headstone industry generally operates in an inconvenient and antiquated way. Specifically, customers are forced to travel to a monument dealer's store multiple times to look at granite slabs, visualize the desired memorial, and approve a rudimentary mock-up drawing before production. In addition, all of these travels must take place within the monument dealer's hours of operation or by appointment at the dealer's availability. In contrast to this inefficient and time consuming process, Katzman can be visited from the comforts of your home anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year; no appointment needed.

The hallmark of Katzman is the unmatched interactive features offered to our customers. You will truly have the ability to design your desired monument or marker by following Katzman's simple step-by-step process, with assistance from Katzman if needed. Specifically, you'll be able to choose memorials' size, shape, finish, font, and carvings, all in real time.

Unparalleled Customer Service
Katzman's mission is to ease the burden and stress of buying an emotional product. Accordingly, you need not take time away from your work or busy schedule to purchase any of our products. Rather, to accomplish our mission, Katzman has a dedicated staff that will assist you 24 hours a day, year-round, to ensure that you are responded to promptly, treated respectfully, and serviced in a manner that is unmatched. 

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