Katzman's Interactive Memorial

Katzman's modernization of the memorial industry continues with its latest offering, the Interactive Memorial. The Interactive Memorial blends historical practices of memorialization with the latest technologies in order to tell the story of your loved one to future generations.

What is it?

By attaching Katzman's Memory Links barcode, also known as a QR code, to your loved one's monument, marker, mausoleum, cremation niche, urn, memorial bench, plaque or any other type of memorial, visitors can simply scan the barcode and view information about your loved one that you upload on your personal Interactive Memorial site including a biography, family tree, photographs or videos.

How do I order my Interactive Memorial?

The Interactive Memorial can be purchased for $249.00 (plus tax). Click here to purchase Katzman's Interactive Memorial.  

How long does it take to receive Katzman's Interactive Memorial after ordering?

Katzman will mail your Interactive Memorial to you the same day you place your order. Accordingly, you should expect to receive it within 3 to 5 business days, if not sooner.

How do I create the Interactive Memorial once I receive the barcode?

Once you receive the barcode in the mail, you will (1) go to a website provided by Katzman to register your Interactive Memorial; (2) once at the site, follow the step-to-step instructions for adding a biography, a family tree, unlimited photographs and/or videos; and (3) attach the barcode to your loved one's memorial. 

What type of information can I add to the Interactive Memorial?

You can create and add a biography of your loved one, a family tree, unlimited photographs and videos.

How do I scan the Interactive Memorial's barcode?

You will point your cellular telephone or tablet at the barcode and scan the barcode wherein you will then be connected to your personal Interactive Memorial site. The majority of smartphones possess a barcode reader. If your cellular telephone or tablet does not possess a barcode reader, there are numerous free apps that read barcodes available that you may download onto your cellular telephone or tablet.

Who has access to view my loved one's Interactive Memorial?

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet who possesses a barcode scanner will be able to view and learn about your loved one. However, while others may view the information, only visitors authorized by your family member who possesses the log-in information for the Interactive Memorial will have the ability to add, remove or edit the information displayed.

Is the Interactive Memorial barcode weatherproof?

Yes. The barcode is made from a special material that is weatherproof, which has been exhaustively tested and proven to withstand the harshest conditions.

How big is the Interactive Memorial barcode?

The barcode is 1.5" x 1.5".

Is the Interactive Memorial barcode guaranteed?

Yes. In the event your Interactive Memorial barcode is damaged or lost, we will replace it at no cost to you and will even cover the shipping to you.

How do QR Codes work? (Watch this video to find out)

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